Youth Education

“Ringnecks” Youth Education

Our “Ringnecks” youth program is aimed at teaching youngsters about habitat, conservation as well as land and hunting ethics necessary to be responsible hunters and conservationists. Through hunting, shooting sports, education, and community service the youth gain knowledge, learn skills and develop a land ethic necessary to be responsible hunters and conservationists.

Our goal is to pass on outdoor traditions to the youth for future generations. All youth are invited to participate in our youth “Ringnecks” Program.

No Child Left Indoors Initiative

Get involved with Pheasants Forever’s No Child Left Indoors Initiative! This initiative is Pheasant Forever’s response to a nationwide movement to get kids outdoors, spurred in part by Richard Louv’s popular book Last Child in the Woods, Saving Our Children from Nature-Deficit Disorder. There is a growing concern that we need to unplug kids from electronics and turn them on to the natural world. And we need to do it now before we lose a generation of young people. Work with the Johnson County PF Chapter, members and conservation partners, to provide opportunities for youth and their families to be involved in outdoor activities.

Example projects:

  • School Yard to the Back Yard Habitat
  • Animal Track/Insect Identification
  • Geocaching Outings (we have 10 GPS units for classroom/group use)
  • Wildwood Sponsorship

For information on this years Youth Hunt or for information on how you can help support our program please contact: Scott Mackiewicz, Youth Education Chair (913)-322-1259 or email him by clicking here.