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Youth & Women’s Hunt Video

While a picture might be worth a thousand words, this short video might just leave you speechless. Thanks to our friends at Rock Road Creative for filming our hunt and family fun day and then putting together this outstanding video that does a great job of showing why we do what we do. Enjoy!

KDWPs Upland Bird Outlook Video

Check out this great video from the Kansas Department of Parks and Wildlife regarding the upcoming bird hunting season. Seeing all of those birds really got us excited to get out and chase a few ringnecks!

Tribute to a Bird Dog

If you own a dog, whether it’s a bird dog or just a family pet, you know, like we do, our dogs quickly become members of the family. It’s always a sad day when we lose a member of the family, but at the end of their journey it’s nice to look back at a life remembered.

Mike Blair, a longtime employee of the Kansas Department of Wildlife and Parks recently lost his hunting dog, and Mike assembled a touching memorial to Java.

Check it out, it’s great. I promise you’ll want to show your dog a little extra love today.