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National Bird Dog Classic for Habitat

We’re pleased to pass along that on Saturday, October 12-13, 2013 the 3rd annual Pheasants and Quail Forever National Bird Dog Classic for Habitat will be held at Timber Hills Lake Ranch in Mapleton, KS. This event is open to all and will include a field trial, wobble trap, and retrieving competition. It should be a great event for dog enthusiasts and for the whole family!

Schoolyard Habitat Projects

When we think of wildlife habitat, images of rolling plains, lush meadows or dense woodlands often come to mind. But for chapters in urban communities like ours, it’s important to think creatively when it comes to improving the land, creating wild areas, and connecting young people with the outdoors. That creative thinking has taken us down a road that ends next to a brick building with a sign on it that reads “Saint Joseph Elementary School.”

This school in Shawnee, Kansas has agreed to partner with us to create our chapter’s first schoolyard habitat project.

Schoolyard habitat projects play a multitude of roles:

– Wildlife habitat springs forth from a space where there was once only dirt and some kentucky bluegrass

–  Subprime school lot land is transformed into a maintainence-free zone filled with grasses, flowers, insects, birds and other wild things

– Science classes can get outdoors and engage in hands-on learning

With a chapter focus on connecting young people with the outdoors, schoolyard habitat projects are a nice piece of our chapter’s community service puzzle. Children benefit, schools and teachers benefit, wildlife benefits, and as a chapter we get to put our stamp on a local project that we’re excited about.

Schoolyard habitat projects are a new and creative way  that we’re using the resources of time, talent and funding that folks like you donate to a very worthy cause.

Check back in a few weeks to see how the fruits of our labor are growing!