Register for Hunter Education

At Johnson County Pheasants Forever, getting new hunters and shooters involved in the sport is one of our major missions. With that in mind, we’ve found a lack of hunter safety certification courses to be a limiting factor. In an effort to provide more of these valuable courses, we’re excited to announce that our chapter will now be getting involved in periodically hosting these events.

All of our hunter safety courses are offered free of charge, thanks to the willingness of our team of volunteers. Additionally, our courses are Internet Assisted, meaning that participants are required to complete an online portion of the training prior to the in-classroom session. This helps students to learn at their own pace in a convenient, comfortable setting, while enabling us to maximize the hands-on learning component that will take place during the time we’ve got together.

We’ll host our training course in the clubhouse of the Powder Creek Shooting Park. To ensure we’ve got a manageable group size, we are limiting our registrations to 15 participants. All participants must 11 years old or older, and prompt attendance is required. Since each course will run the duration of the day, we’ll also be serving a complementary pizza lunch.

For answers to your questions, contact our hunter education instructor Jim Lee.